Trees landscape painting. Summer forest

Trees landscape painting
Summer day in the forest. Watercolor landscape on fine art paper 38×56 cm

Tree landscape painting

But meanwhile, a tree landscape painting in soft sunlight is a memorable image, especially done in watercolor. We see a sunny day that casts shadows on the ground. Perhaps it is early afternoon, and the sun is no longer overhead. The slender trees of summer in the forest landscape are laden with new leaves, the last spring expression. They will sit in place in full regalia until fall arrives to strip the tree-branches bare.

The foreground is rather bare and neutral in tone to contrast effectively with the green landscape beyond. The artist, Nadezhda Bogomolova, is a watercolor master and uses the translucent watercolor technique to capture the evanescence of light as midday becomes late afternoon.

Medium and materials

It is a magical rendition thanks to the power of color and the fine art texture of Arches 100% cotton paper. Made in France, this superior material is 38 x 56 cm 300 bl. It is the secret of delicate art watercolors of the highest ilk and plays a significant role in painting conservation.

The fluidity of watercolor is not just seen in seascapes. Landscapes with flower fields and trees are rendered spectacularly in this medium. It is the hallmark of the genre that the artist can change from highlights to shadows in seconds while the surface is wet.

Not an ordinary day

This tree landscape painting in a forest shows a beautiful use of rhythmic patterning in the shadows and tree trunks. The dark patches make for a bit of an eerie mood. Is someone or something lurking around a tree? While the scene is the essence of peacefulness, anything could happen. Meanwhile, admiring this summer landscape you can almost hear the twittering of birds and the rustling of the foliage.

Any space can be enriched with such an image, as it is laden with connotations and emotions. The impressionistic technique makes the tree landscape painting scene fresh and new.