Golden autumn landscape painting

Golden autumn landscape painting
fall landscape painting
forest painting
woods painting
watercolor fall painting
Golden autumn. Watercolor landscape painting fine art on paper, 56×38 cm

Golden autumn landscape painting

Autumn comes to the forest in a riot of color. Almost a monochrome palette of yellows and oranges conveys the exceptional quality of the fall’s sun rays. While accents of liquid browns, deep red, scarlet, and ocher are the perfect foil for this display of birch trees in the sun. The leaves and tree trunks have their own textures at the hands of the master watercolorist. Nadezhda Bogomolova has a gift for rendering the essence of foliage. The leaves that top the tree trunks in this glorious autumn landscape painting are the product of a deft watercolour brush. Never has the color gold been so intense and representative of happiness and wellbeing. There is something timeless about this fall forest painting because it is so iconic.

Materials and medium

Watercolor, precisely the wet-on-wet technique, works wonders with this autumn landscape painting. It will be forever glowing with the light given it has been done on fine art paper. French ARCHES paper is the artist’s choice. She prefers its acid-free conservator’s quality nature. It is 100% cotton, 300 lb.

Watercolors convey gorgeous nature in all seasons in a unique and elegant manner like no other medium can. Whatever the time of day, they draw out the objects’ lives using a fluid texture and a powerful array of light and shadow.

A beautiful season

Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year for many, notice the soft multicolor grass carpet: golden, yellow, ochre, red, ruby brown. So many great possibilities with watercolor for an amazing fall landscape painting. You can modulate thousands of colors literally as befitting the subject of autumn woods painting.

Ms. Bogomolova’s compositions are always well balanced and exciting. Time after time, nature is rendered expressively with individual emotions, undoubtedly full of the association’s from the artist’s life. Watercolors for her stretch the boundaries of creativity and encourage her to experiment to create different textures in paintings.