Orange and blue landscape. Watercolor painting

blue landscape
orange  landscape
Original watercolor landscape painting 76×56 cm on 300 lb cold press paper.

Blue and orange are different paints on the color wheel and are perfect for landscape painting. Artists know how to exploit the undeniable appeal of dualities like red and green. This original watercolor landscape painting by Nadezhda Bogomolova measures 76×56 cm on 300 lb. cold press paper.

Translucency and sparkle for orange and blue landscape

Every centimeter is rich with transparency and sparkle. What is shown? Early morning dawn lights fields in gentle orange shades, while soft blue sky brings fresh air and hopes of a new day.

There is something eternal about these colors and the classic subject. A blue sky landscape painting, and an orange vista, or a combination of both yields myriad create opportunities for an emotional jolt. The fantastic expanse of sky is the focal point of the dramatic landscape in orange country.

Medium and materials

Watercolor is a spectacular medium, unlike any other, especially when done on premium acid-free Arches paper from France.  It is beautiful, indeed made of 100% cotton at 300gcm.

Thus, a landscape watercolor painting is a particular boon to viewers. Here we have basically two shades. The forms are soft, depicting fluffy clouds and sparkling water illuminated with rays of light.

Deftly, using the wet on wet technique, the artist alternates staccato dark areas with lighter swaths of flowing color. The blue sky landscape is genuinely luminescent and moody. So much is conveyed with simple strokes of the watercolor brush.

Rich in associations

Ms. Bogomolova admires the landscapes around her and puts on paper her impressions of nature’s beauty and calm. All seasons are lovely. She says that each day gives her great opportunities to see and to paint. Of course, viewers can add their own personal connotations.

Blue is a fresh color, but orange is exciting and vibrant. Together they stir the soul. They can evoke associations with other things in nature. In short, watercolors of blue and orange landscapes convey gorgeous views in a uniquely gentle and elegant manner.