Apples watercolor painting. Juicy fruit

apples watercolor painting
green apples
Original watercolors painting on fine art paper 300 gcm 50×30 cm

Apples watercolor painting perfectly conveys all the natural beauty of summer juicy green fruit. Tasty, juicy green and red apples – a great apple harvest of 2019.

Juicy Apples watercolor

Close your eyes and imagine the juiciest and tastiest green and red apples. Think of fall’s harvest and apple picking on the farm. You waited all summer for the crop of fresh fruit.

Afterwards switch gears and see the juicy apples in a lovely and translucent watercolor painting. If you are a real daydreamer, you might conjure up something like the apple watercolor by Nadezhda Bogomolova.

Her version of an applies watercolor is an expert excellent art version. These apply are right off the tree, complete with foliage. They beg to be eaten to release their crisp flavor.

Wet-on-wet watercolor technique

What makes them so alive and appealing is the watercolor known wet-on-wet technic for its translucent pigment and loose texture. This original painting is done on Arches paper from France made from 100% pure cotton, which is the preference of conservationists and artists alike.

This sheet measures 50x30cm and is 300 lb, only the highest quality for Bogomolova. Further, it is the perfect surface for fruit, flowers, or any still life for that matter. Simultaneously, landscapes fare equally well.

The techniques allow the colors to blend effortlessly to create patches of soft hues punctuated by darker accents. It is a matter of how much artists use water. The subtlety of the play of lights and shadows is exquisite. It is all about composition and the arrangement of forms in an aesthetically pleasing manner on a neutral background. Therewith, red and green are polar opposites, but here they create a balanced palette.

Sensual colors and forms

It is the hallmark of the watercolor painting genre to impart beautiful colors emerging from primary forms. The result is a free expression of emotions as every shape and hue has connotations.

In conclusion, these green and red multi-colored apples watercolor speak of health and vitality. Above all, one day is the prescription for long life. These apples highlighted with dappled sunlight are the epitome of well-being.