Poppies flowers painting. Bouquet

poppies flowers painting 
red flowers
Poppies flowers painting. Bouquet. Watercolor painting on the fine art paper, 76×56 cm. Sold

Poppies flowers painting

A poppies flowers painting is a beautiful offering to the art world by Nadezhda Bogomolova. The artist notes that every year in June, amazing poppies start to bloom. It is a recurring subject. She loves the subject, and her passion is embodied in a blaze of color.

Each flower has a different shape and angle. Furthermore, the poppies are clearly in various stages of blooming, they also have precise floral shapes arranged in a controlled composition that bespeaks of the best principles of aesthetic construction. It takes an observant eye to see their particular characteristics. 

Watercolor features

Nadezhda Bogomolova has created a red floral paradise on fine art paper 100% cotton 300 gsm cold press. Arches paper hails from France and guarantees a quality product. After all, it is acid-free and secured for long term conservation of watercolor paintings.

This contemporary watercolor of a poppies bouquet would grace any room in any style home. The artist knows how to paint. She has chosen a large format (76×56 cm) for maximum impact. Using the wet-on-wet elegant art method, the bouquet is luxurious in its transparency. The red fire flowers emerge from their background like fiery goals. 

Fresh full-color beauty

Anyone could not portray the beauty of nature as any better or livelier. The full-color effects are simultaneously both soft and hard in perfect balance to illustrate the subject with compassion. A dance of light and shadow enriches the bouquet of many shades of red. Lilac, deep violet, and an earthy green comingle with a truly modern sensibility.

Every color has emotional associations, and red is one of the most vocal. It cries out to be noticed. The purple centers sit in contrast as dots of darkness. A sharp imagination took a simple bouquet and made it an icon of nature’s glory.