Daisies flowers paintings. Bouquet. Still life

daisies flowers painting
daisy flower painting
watercolor painting flowers
flowers painting
Daisies flowers paintings. Bouquet. Still life. Original watercolor flowers still life on fine art paper 76 cmx56 cm

Floral bouquet

Daisies flowers paintings are classics, but in each artist’s hands, they are personal and evocative of specific emotions. Look at how each flower turns in a different direction as if taking routes from a higher order. Creamy white and yellow are the lovely daisies of spring. They are a bright and spirited flower known to everyone as they grow in the wild. Their simple shape of a golden center surrounded by sword-like petals is an archetypal image of nature’s fecundity. 

Daisies run across the field in the grass, flaunting in plain sight, and a girl stands rooted to the spot and will not take her eyes off.

Among the ancient Slavs, chamomile was considered one of the seven sacred plants (along with oak, willow, hazel, hop, mistletoe). Folk legend says that where a star falls, a daisy blooms. Chamomile represents spring and summer, a small sun on a thin stem. Slavic girls wondered about daisies “loves” – “does not love” – ​​”kisses.” In this floral painting, the chamomiles are collected in a bouquet, as if they were young girls dancing and braiding wreaths.

Techniques and materials

They grow abundantly and are readily available. But daisies flowers painting rendered with the wet-on-wet watercolor technique, the chamomiles emit a completely different aura. They are translucent yellow and white paeans to floral beauty.

Fine art masters prefer the best ARCHES conservator’s paper from France. It is 100% cotton and 300 bl. Upon the prepared surface, a glass pot laden with daisies on a table fills the mottled green (the color of grass) and orange background. It is a fiesta of melting shapes natural hues. There is another wonderful painting, cornucopia of wild cornflowers and daisies

Daisies flowers painting. Array of tones

This speaks of the universe’s plan for all creatures that inevitably will come to wilt and die. But before they do, they strike a chord in the hearts of those who see themselves within the symbolic array of tones. Hence a touch of sadness imbues the lively portrayal and keeps the spectator lingering. 

The shading of the petals is masterful and adds depth and richness to the daisy flower painting. Texture, color, shape, and layering are the hallmarks of fine art composition. The artist wields the watercolor brush deftly to render nature’s great gift.