Landscape sunset painting. Magic of the sunset

sunset painting with trees
sunset painting watercolor
sunset watercolor painting
Magic of the sunset. Watercolor on fine art paper 50×30 cm

Landscape sunset painting

How did the artist achieve such translucent effects in her Landscape sunset painting? It is pure magic in her sunset watercolor painting!

Nadezhda Bogomolova says the following story: “It is a compelling painting. A whole story is beneath it. While doing my evening run, I saw a fantastic beauty. I even made an extra run circle, returned to grab my camera, and run up to shot the magic of the sunset. Finally, I did all my best and put all my dreams and memories into this story of the sunset painting with trees.”

Clearly, Ms. Bogomolova is an admirer of nature. In fact, when she spots a potential subject, she grabs her camera to capture the fleeting moment in watercolor. While sunset is so ephemeral, she can transfer it superbly to paper adding special her memories and emotions to get her sunset watercolor painting.

Blues and greens populate the paper surface while a burst of yellow and orange creates a strong focal point. It is a sunset painting watercolor full of spirit and audacity.

The beauty of nature

Nature is ever-changing, and all seasons and times of day express its glory. A true artist can see more than the average naked eye. The possibilities are endless all year long in any weather conditions. With watercolor, a landscape sunset painting literally glows with light.

In this sunset painting with trees, the sunlight dominates, lighting the forest with its glowing aura. The sun rays crash through the skeletal crowd, laden with green foliage, as three girls enjoy its early evening warmth and protection.

The sky is obscured by greenery, depicting full summer is here late in the day. The sun is the actual subject matter, rich in associations with health and wellbeing. As the girls walk toward the light, they are kissed by rays that scattered upon the land.

Materials and medium

If you have ever aspired to see a landscape sunset painting, you need to look no further than this magnificent fine art watercolor on ARCHES paper. The wet-on-wet technique has been used in this powerful and dramatic landscape sunset painting. Only the best paper from France was the foundation for the liquid colors. It is pure cotton 300 gsm cold press measuring 50 x 38 cm.

There is no better way to keep watercolor save than the paper could guarantee to last a lifetime. Conservations value its acid-free quality and exquisite texture.