Romantic landscape painting. Lilac evening

romantic landscape painting
lilac evening
Lilac Evening. Watercolor painting on fine art paper 56×38 cm

Romantic landscape painting

In this romantic landscape fine art painting by Nadezhda Bogomolova, you enter lilac heaven. It is evening, and couples are heading to places unknown. They are happy to go lucky as they stroll on a path through a blossom wonderland. Only a bit of sunlight on the upper left marks the time of day, early evening.

The purple hues and lilac colors are intense and dramatic. Touches of pink highlight the people on the lane. How perfectly Bogomolova offsets this pastel palette with darker tones on the upper right in contrasting shades.

Materials and medium for lilac painting

Watercolor may be the best way to render a romantic landscape painting. You might say this is a lilac painting if you were limited for words. No matter the subject, a moment in nature, it is all about the color, lilac, and its mysterious associations.

The watercolour is a fine exemplar of the wet-on-wet technique done on the coveted Arches paper from France. It is 100% cotton, acid-free, 300 lb, and measures 56x 38 cm.

The artist’s brush has made magic with an array of variegated purple shades in her romantic landscape of lilac watercolor. The result is a fresh expression of nature’s handiwork. Ordinary scenes with trees and leaves become abstract gems of light.

Seasonal bliss

We see lilac and apple trees blossoming in May. They are redolent with fragrance. The sun is hiding behind the horizon, shading the park in lilac. The evening is full of import befitting a romantic landscape painting, and the strollers are happy to partake in the seasonal bliss.

Each month in spring is unique and has its own color tones. With watercolor, they glisten with life as if just dabbled on the paper. Amid resplendent nature, the dots of blue illustrating humanity is a pop of interest and compositional intensity.