Birch trees watercolor. It was evening.

birch trees watercolor
painting birch trees in watercolor
landscape painting watercolor
Birch trees watercolor. It was evening. Watercolor painting on fine art paper, 56×38 cm

Birch trees watercolor

Nadezhda Bogomolova has captures the right moment in her birch tree watercolor and evening shadows painting. In fact, how deftly it is rendered unchanging and eternal in a wash of green and blue hues with accents of ochres.

Meanwhile, it is evening, and the shadows cast a pattern on the land. The stately trees form a row of vertical statues, the handiwork of a busy Mother Nature. They are young, slim birch trees standing tall as the darkening sky foretells the end of the day.

You know these are young trees as the wood is not dark, however rendered in lighter whitish shades that denote their age and maturity. The varied tones of the leaves bespeak of summer after they have unfurled their full glory.

Immutable and timeless

Indeed, it is a landscape watercolor painting like no other. Each one of the artist’s creations has its own mood and expression. This birch forest painting is the dusk, mysterious time of day.

The evening shadows painting is a bit eerie and symbolizes the evanescence of life, flora, or faunal. The evening of life is upon the land.

Materials and medium

This evening sky painting with young trees was done on the high quality watercolor French paper Arches 100% cotton 300 gsm cold press, measuring 56x 38cm. Consequently, how beautifully the watercolor technique describes a darkening sky in the early evening as the birches line up at the edge of a beautiful summer green landscape in the foreground.

Artists appreciate this fine art paper for its durability and protective qualities so that the translucency of the watercolors never fades. Its smooth texture allows the swaths of liquid color to sit on the surface as if they could run off the page. Such is the spontaneity of a sky and evening shadows painting.