Blue sky painting. Evening on the Sparrow hills

pink and blue sky painting
sky painting watercolor
painting sky in watercolor
vening on the Sparrow hills. Watercolor on fine art 56×38 cm

Blue sky painting

How picturesque evenings could be! The evening blue sky painting decorated with lilac feather clouds, they seem to wrap Sparrow Hills up. Below, stadium Luzhniki and the Academy of Sciences are sparkling like precious stones, drowning in the summer landscape. Everything is melting in a cornucopia of vibrant hues – just enough color remains before nightfall.

 It is twilight, the beginning of the sunset, according to the pattern of light and shade on this blue sky painting. Subsequently, the crowns of the trees emerge in the foreground amid the soft green foliage.

While a wispy blue spreads across the sky, separating at the horizon from the trees below, dots of pink, red and purple illuminate the city. The liquidity of watercolor makes it seem to dissolve like-colored ice.

Materials and medium

Indeed, this delicate blue sky painting is an original watercolor landscape painting on fine art ARCHES paper imported from France, the artist’s favorite. She has selected 300 lb, 100% cotton paper with durable properties. Apparently, artists appreciate its acid-free structure and ability to conserve the precious effects of the watercolor medium.

Nadezhda Bogomolova is a master with a watercolour brush. The paint is translucent and fresh, the result of the famed wet-on-wet technique. The forms blend and merge without defined edges. So, the most significant building evokes a marshmallow waiting to be devoured. Obviously, no medium conveys the evanescence of life, as does watercolor. Even the city is rendered with care and tonal authenticity.

Nature’s emotions

The undertones of emotion fill the blue sky painting. Feelings of wistfulness abound as evening calls. Does the city upset the purity of nature and invade its dominance?

It is real enough, as much as the luxurious treescape. It speaks of man’s relationship to the land and the need for respect and reverence. Every color Ms. Bogomolova uses is expressive of inner feeling. Her own associations are embedded in every brushstroke.