Why love watercolor

Nadezhda loves the variety and vibrancy of colors which is astonishing.  Each color is a beautiful gemstone, which she admires – amethyst, lapis lazuli, lavender, turquoise, and cobalt, quinacridone gold and pink, cadmium yellow, and many other delightful pigments, I love them all. This is so important to put the right colors together for a given painting to allow them to shine with all beauty.

She enjoys the ease, lightness, and transparency of watercolor from the first stroke of the brush to the very end of the artwork process. Watercolor is so unpredictable, especially the way how colors blend into each other. They take new shapes and appear on paper other than originally planned.

Watercolors give endless opportunities – wet on wet, dry on wet, wet on dry, and so on. From dancing, vibrating, light-filled washes to richly colored transparent darks, watercolors can produce painting effects which no other medium can match. Each technic leads to a completely different result that you never know from the beginning. It has its own mysterious life and its own way.

She loves watercolor simply because it suits her perfectly, she just enjoys doing it, and it goes well with her chosen style of painting. 


Nadezhda paints picturesque landscapes, the images of which she has brought from her childhood. Nadezhda was born and grew in Siberia which is the most beautiful region of Russia. Every summer she visited her grannies summer cottage and saw lots of wonderful pictures of the sunset, dusk, fog, rains, sunshine, and many others. She puts them on the paper and creates magnificent watercolor paintings.
Currently, Nadezhda lives in Moscow. She is surrounded by another, dynamic life – streets, houses, crowds, lights, cars. All of them together form the energy of a big city. At the same time, there are quiet lanes, ancient buildings, history, and depth of the city. Nadezhda creates wonderful cityscapes reflecting the power of the city, its heart, and the soul.

Nadezhda began to study drawing being a child, graduated with honor from the Art school, Novokuznetsk. In 1999 Nadezhda graduated from Novosibirsk State University and in 2001 received a master’s degree in The National Research University – The Higher School of Economics. Then there was quite a long break for career, children. Children have grown up and free time began to appear.  Nadezhda has discovered painting again being an adult.  Remembering and multiplying the skills of painting obtained in her youth together with life experience, Nadezhda, on the advice of one wonderful teacher, tried watercolor and was no longer able to part with it, and to this day she continues discovering the amazing fairy-tale world of watercolor. 

Nadezhda is a member of the Eurasian Art Union.