Daisies painting landscape. Evening

daisies landscape
daisies watercolor
daisies in watercolor
Evening of daisies. Watercolor landscape on fine art paper 38×56 cm

Nadezhda Bogomolova is clear about the wonders of the watercolor medium that stretches the boundaries of fin art. In this daisies painting landscape in watercolor, so much is happening top to bottom. The focal point varies from a stately birch tree to the daisy field in the foreground.

Watercolor gives excellent possibilities for landscapes: thousands of shades surround nature, creating soft shadows, fluffy clouds, sparkling water, and rays of light. Here and there, staccato dark tones emerge amid the sun light, make it even more dramatic.

Daisies painting

They are clearly the random wild flowers of summer sprouting from the grass, whose curling edges open to the warm sky. Is it evening? The long pattern of shadows cast by the leaves of the tree says perhaps.

In the background, we see more of nature’s floral glory in rich tones of yellow, white, and green gold of daisies in watercolor. The palette is ultra-variegated, as seen in the addition of cobalt, purple, and ultramarine. Never has a landscape been portrayed with such love and admiration, as this amazing watercolor daisies painting.

As if you can sense the sun on your face. White rims, yellow hearts, the bright flowers of summer…a dream of a chamomile meadow as evening falls. The dimming light envelopes everything in sight. A slight wind is blowing, tossing the daisies about in the fragrant air. How many are there? More than someone can count. Nature’s fecundity is evident in the watercolor daisies landscape.

Medium and Materials

This is an original watercolor on fine art paper, measuring 38×56 cm. ARCHES 300 gsm cold press paper imported from France guarantees the smoothest foundation for the blooms and foliage. It is of high quality made of 100% cotton and acid-free. It is durable and robust.

Preservation is of the essence for the delicate watercolor medium that is essential for maintaining — no fading over time.