Flowers landscape painting. Dandelion field

flowers landscape
dandelion painting
dandelion watercolor
Yellow dandelion field. Original watercolor painting summer landscape 56×38 cm

Flowers landscape painting

The vibrant Delft colors of yellow dandelions and blue stormy sky are universally pleasing. They are used in this dandelion flowers landscape painting by Nadezhda Bogomolova to create the mood of early summer during a pending tempest. This time of a year is notoriously full of new discoveries. So summer, what will it be?

Maybe something foreboding, given the deep color of the sky. Even the expansive gold meadow speaks of adventure and the unknown. But these are dandelions, a ubiquitous free-growing plant that is sadly undervalued. In a field, they create a festive yellow display outlined with a bit of green at the horizon.

However, Ms. Bogomolova gives them new meaning below the storm sky. They insist on living in full glory, resisting a drenching summertime rain. The storm clouds of summer are not bitter cold, but slake the thirst of the valley below amidst a lingering heat.

Medium and materials

The artist specializes in such flowers landscape painting, always rendered superbly with the wet-on-wet watercolour technique on fine art ARCHES paper from France. At any time of the year, she puts her personal impressions of an actual scene on this pristine surface in every stage. The excellent reputation of this paper rests on its cotton purity and acid-free nature.

Summer mystery

Flowers landscape painting has specific properties, unlike any other medium. Its translucency and transparency are unparalleled in oils or acrylics. That is the best way to depict the magic of summer, a season of multiple expectations. There is the ease of a hot day or the disquiet of an impending storm.  All possibilities are contained within this moody piece.

Furthermore, it is sometimes the beauty and calmness of nature and sometimes a forbidding sky. The artist says that each day gives her great opportunities to see and to paint.