Bright summer watercolor landscape

Bright summer watercolor landscape
summer watercolor landscape
Bright summer landscape watercolor. Original watercolor landscape painting 56×76 cm on 300 lb cold press paper

Bright summer watercolor landscape

Nothing that is fragrant, scenic, or luxurious about nature escapes the keen eye of the contemporary watercolor artist, Nadezhda Bogomolova. Here is a bright summer watercolor landscape, the viewer is treated to a spectacle of vibrant shades in a zigzag wonder of fields and a red-brown road that draw the eye into the distance toward the lavender sky.

Recently, summer came bright, rich, and juicy: yellow, red, green, lavender.
The hot sun is shining. In fact, all the energy of summer is reflected in this painting.
Want to live, create, and love.
Summer is a little new life. Can live it again and again.

Indeed, it is an exquisite composition of with diagonal expanses of land populated with mature trees, verdant bushes, and lavender flower rows. Expressed in swaths of liquid color, the landscape is as dramatic as it is scenic.

Just the abstract patterning of shapes and hues works wonders in itself apart from the landscape. Soon the subject emerges. The hot sun is shining, and all the energy of the season is reflected in a riot of color. Summer means new life and nature’s bounty in all its maturity.

Technique and materials

In a word, Ms Bogomolova knows the ins and outs of the wet-on-wet painting technique to stretch its capability. Accordingly, the summer watercolor is a gem of a landscape – bright, vibrant, and juicy. Done on ARCHES fine art paper from France, it measures 56×76 cm. Also, the acid-free, 300 lb. cold press paper means it will survive the ages. It is a conservationist’s dream.

Watercolor landscapes

So, you can only see these bright colors on vacation, traveling across Europe, mostly in Italy or Spain. Fields are shaded brightly in yellow, ochre, deep red, olive green, and gold colors. Further, you see little heads of lavender flowers.

Finally, summer watercolor proves that the artist truly understands landscapes. She imbues them with her own personal feelings and aesthetic sensibility. She says that each day gives her great opportunities to see and to paint.

While a kaleidoscopic array of colors describes the land’s ebb and flow, it is the multi-toned sky dominating it in this master’s summer watercolor. It is brewing with possibility, perhaps foretelling some weather ahead.