Spring landscape painting. Golden plum blossom

spring landscape painting
spring painting
Spring has sprung. Watercolor painting on fine art paper 38×56 cm

Spring landscape painting 

This striking spring landscape painting by Nadezhda Bogomolova is a plein air painting. In fact, it was done on a restful Sunday in the country. The warm sun was shining, birches were dressed in green sundresses. Golden plum was blossoming, granting its delicate aroma. It might have been a glorious day as sunlight drenches the massive tree on the left and covers the modest barn red house. This is how this wonderful story was born.

Bright blue sky spreads above us with wispy clouds passing through. A charming, dappled road leads into the distance from the luxurious green foreground.

Meanwhile, plein air painting has a long and rich history. It is most closely associated with the revolutionary Impressionists of the late 19th century who sat for hours outside at their easels, witnessing the sudden changes in the day.

Materials and medium

In the watercolor spring painting, the artist used the classic high-quality 100% cotton watercolor paper Arches, 300lb. The artist confesses this as her favorite paper. It is no wonder given its unique, refined surface that provides the perfect foundation for the fine art wet-on-wet watercolor technique.

The gift of a great watercolour is to bring the subject alive in swaths of transparent color that still look wet.

A moment in time

Here we have golden hues and deep shadows representing a moment in time. It was probably warm, and someone in a sundress is around the corner, waiting to pick plum blossoms. You can smell the delicate aroma of Spring everywhere. 

Ms. Bogomolova is partial to landscapes that convey her personal impressions, anything from the beauty and calm of nature to the cold of the winter season. Each one has a unique spirit. This time the spring landscape painting sings just spring has sprung, and the last day beckons. 

Finally, one lone watercolor brush has the talent to depict foliage, sky, buildings, and the earth with integrity and authenticity. The miracle of the medium lies in its flexibility and universal appeal of this fantastic spring painting!