Teapot painting. Tea time. Still life

teapot painting
painting of teapot
christmas still life
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Tea time. Original watercolor still life on fine art paper, 38×56 cm. Sold

The most beautiful, vibrant Prussian blue creates a sophisticated context for the porcelain teapot painting – Tea Time. It is an elegant white shape that reflects the surrounding light, imbuing it with a fantasy of pinks, blues, oranges, and gold tones.

Tea Time. Painting of teapot

It is so nice to sit with your beloved relatives at home at the festive table and drink fragrant tea. The smell of mandarines is in the air. The sky sparkles with festive fireworks. And before us is still a full smoking kettle of fresh tea and a whole night of conversations!

How incredibly appealing is this beautiful teapot painting watercolor still life? It is modern and classic. Notice the small teacups at the bottom right, a pomegranate, and a filled jam jar. Tea time is at hand.

Blue, both dark and mottled, is the dominant theme in this watercolor still life. A simple teapot painting conjures up everything that is good about the afternoon ritual. You feel the steam rising from the hot chocolate beverage and can taste a scone laden with mandarin marmalade on Christmas day.

Teapot painting – memories abound

Tea time is remembered in different ways and cultures. Most often, it is a family occasion. Everyone relishes their favorite fragrant blend of tea. Its aroma blends with the smell of mandarins in the air.

You think of a smoking kettle of water on the stove and an opportunity for great conversation and shared stories. The swaths of color and contrast of dark and subtle shades convey the mood and emotions perfectly. There is one more perfect orange still life by Nadezhda Bogomolova, it is the one with a mandarin, a vase, and a bottle on a draped table.

Technical wizardy

Nadezhda Bogomolova knows how to draw a watercolor brush across fine art paper. It takes an adept wet-on-wet technique to bring out its unique qualities. It is all about translucent washes of color subtly blending into one another for a soft, delicate result.

Something different and unique in this painting of teapot is the watercolor salt effects. After drying, more surface is showing due to the cold press paper. It is quite magical to see. 

Painting still life in watercolor

Watercolor still life painting allows the use and variety of edges and textures of tissues, ceramics, fruit, and flowers. Easily, it captures the effect of teapot steam, glittering off the juicy pomegranate rubies, fragrances of spring flowers, and New year mandarins. Painting in a variety of technics, especially wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry allows pigments to blend into each other creating fabulous compositions and shades, interesting effects, the play of light, and shadows play – shadows, partial shadows, reflexes. Often, they take their own unusual shapes on the paper other than an artist originally planned to paint, creates soft shapes, a variety of large, large, and medium forms.  

Tea Time is a superb composition of ceramics, glass, and fruit, all rendered with distinct textures.