Juicy pomegranate. Watercolor Still life

Watercolor pomegranate still life painting
Watercolor pomegranate painting still life on fine art paper 56×38 cm, 300 gcm

Watercolor pomegranate still life

This is a still life painting about the king fruit – a red fire watercolor pomegranate. It absorbed all the heat of summer, the energy of the sun. Just touch its thin skin, and now it lies in front of you on a bowl, broken into two halves, in all its glory. Its grains shimmer with a ruby ​​glow, sparkle with droplets of juice. So they ask for a mouthful. What could be more emotional and attractive?

Who knew that this dark red fruit watercolor pomegranate could be so exciting? Rich reds and corals imbue this original still life of open pomegranates with a colorful jolt to the eye. The soft-edged forms dance across the paper surface, showing visible evidence of the quick watercolor technique. Washes of blue fill the background as a foil for the crimson paint palette. Nadezhda Bogomolova has a way with the brush, rendering elements here darker and here lighter as the composition dictates.

Watercolor extravaganza

Central to the play of shapes and shades are the darker pomegranate seeds. While they punctuate the work like flashing dots of deep color, making the perfect foil for the delicacy of offsetting hues. How gorgeous do the edges of the picturesque fruit blend into the background, simultaneously revealing the essence of the watercolor technique and exploiting its special effects? It is genuinely a watercolor extravaganza that pleases the eye.

The fine Arches art paper, 100% cotton (300 grams per cm), and really unique watercolor gemstones from Daniel Smith are the artist’s foundation. In her still life painting, the artist used the following paint colors: permanent red deep, rose madder, perylene maroon, yellow ochre, mars brown, neutral grey, lunar blue, French ultramarine, pyrrol scarlet.

Bogomolova knows how to exploit her own watercolor painting style with grace and elegance. The artist created the painting using a wet-on-wet watercolor technic. Still life of popular pomegranate fruit is rendered unique through her skill.

Fun with fruit

Her mastery of color and translucency are to be admired. A red watercolor makes for an overwhelming experience and a real surprise. Every single hue has its emotional significance and so many personal connotations. The painting is a masterful play of warm and cold shades. The warm highlights the pomegranate seeds in the light, contrasting with the cold shadow areas. The chill tone, as it were, illuminates the already bright pulp of delicious fruit. And the warm brown hue of the bowl sets the accents in place, cleverly paving the way between the background and the protagonist.

A simple grouping of watercolor pomegranates becomes an entrée into a world of mystery and magic. All expertly rendered by the swift wielding an essential watercolor brush. While Bogomolova clearly has fun with fruit painting, she also knows what makes the watercolor genre so engaging.