Cityscape painting. Nevsky Avenue

Cityscape painting nevsky avenue

Original watercolor cityscape painting is done on 300 gcm fine art paper, 38×56 cm. Watercolors, 2020.

June 2019, the day of the Marathon White Nights, so lots of young, strong, and beautiful people crowded the city. Heapiness and laugh were in the air. I ran a distance of 10 kilometers. But how happy I felt myself participating in that great powerful event! Almost a year later I put all my memories and emotions on the paper for that sunny watercolor cityscape painting.

Nevsky Avenue is the main street and the heart of St Petersburg. It is beloved both by the Petersburgers and its guests for its beauty, life, restaurants, theaters, museums, cathedrals and just for its great spirit. Follow to see one more nice painting of Saint Petersburg

In my cityscape painting, I enhanced all this enthusiasm and energy of cheering people, who just enjoyed that day in the great city.

Cityscape painting

I created the watercolor painting that accurately captures the real urban landscape of the historical and simultaneously young city. The watercolors painting perfectly conveys perspective, lighting, and texture. Also, it expresses the mood, typical for the summer city. Clever perspective points allow the viewers to feel as if they are at the center of a realistic scene. Furthermore, the viewer could step inside the paper to walk along the streets and join people inside.

Medium and materials

In all my artworks I use high-quality materials and mediums. My preferred fine art paper is top class ACHES paper, France, 100% cotton, 300 gcm. It gives an incredibly pleasant feeling and mechanical power. The watercolors are Daniel Smith, give exceptional lightfastness and permanence, expansion of truly precise hues, maximum of which made of natural minerals.