Painting of beach scene. Children on the sea

Painting of beach scene. Children on the see. Summer. Watercolor. Photo
Painting of beach scene. Children on the sea. Original watercolor on fine art cotton paper 300 gsm Arches, 50×30 cm

painting of beach scene

The watercolor paintings show a cheerful and sunny summer scene, where children are playing in the water. The ocean is glittering in sun rays. Exciting and kind beach scene painting.

The waves are gentle and a bit foamy. The water is a crystalline blue of variegated hues, punctuated by dabs of white. The deeper water is darker in bright contrast to the shallow shore. Everything is demarcated by ochre sand melding into the lapping tongues of aquamarine.

The sea is the subject

Two children are featured in the watercolor painting of a beach scene. It is no doubt a hot sunny day where cooling off means a dip to the knees. The boys are enjoying the fun, sheltered by cotton beach hats.

The ocean is an endless font of watercolor material given its changing moods and hues. It can be green, blue, gray, or a mixture of them all. It depends on the time of year. In Children on the Beach, we are in the midst of summer as the lighting is bright and revealing. 

Materials and techniques

Watercolors of this nature on 100% percent fine art Arches paper from French are collector’s treasures. Above all, the sea is ideal for the wet-on-wet technique so masterfully display by Nadezhda Bogomolova.

What are the children looking for? Is there a mother nearby? So many thoughts arise as one peruses the happy duo tanned by the summer sun. The translucency of watercolors is perfect for lively scenes where glittering reflections are paramount. You can literally feel the water flow around the youngsters. It is loose and free, the result of deft brushwork using plenty of liquid.

How charming would this beach scene painting be in a child’s room or nursery? In the dead of winter, they will remember the happy time of summer. It will cheer the family up as the rain or snowfalls. In a few short months, everyone can return to the shore, so beautifully depicted by the artist.