Green meadows landscape. Cows

green meadows landscape
painting watercolor
Green meadows landcape. Cows. Original watercolor landscape painting on the paper, 56×38 cm

Cows. Watercolor green meadows landscape

The painting Green meadow landscape. Cows o has been done in an impressionist painting style in watercolor. It is one of Nadezhda Bogomolova’s beautiful landscapes – a symphony of a blue sky and a green field.

The composition is simple: an expansive green gold valley with hills in the background. Brown, black and white cows populate the middle ground. But there is more. Turquoise and golds flashes of flowers in the foreground.

High above fluffy clouds pepper a dark blue sky. Somewhere far away, thunder rumbles. On the green meadow landscape, the cows seem oblivious, however, as they graze the land or rest before moving on. It is a timeless scene that could be almost anywhere.

Materials and Medium

This spectacular green meadows landscape is done in a loose wet-on-wet watercolor technique on French ARCHES. The pure cotton, 300 lb cold press acid-free paper measures 56×38 cm. It is durable and finely textured to guarantee the best application of liquid paint. It gives an exceptional sensual feeling and mechanical strength to the artist’s visions.

Everyone from nature

While a personal aesthetic, Bogomolova’s loose watercolour style is based on visual experience. She grew up in Siberia, a region rich by its nature – meadows, forests, rivers. As a child, every summer, she went to her family’s summer cottage. There were lots of villages along the road and, of course, a nice cows landscape. She tells the tale in her Meadow landscape. Her mother bought fresh milk, and in the evenings, all the family sat together to chat and taste the milk with homemade strawberry muffins.

For the artist, watercolour is the perfect medium due to its spontaneity and translucency. It is always as fresh as if just painted. The water painting can capture a ray of light, a strong shadow, flora, and fauna, or distant rolling hills which is great for a field landscape painting. It conveys a multitude of textures with ease while staying true to its transparent nature.