Landscape painting sunset. Storm over the city

landscape painting sunset
orange watercolor background
orange watercolor
storm over the city
orange painting
watercolor sunset
Landscape painting sunset. Storm over the city. Original watercolor landscape painting on fine art paper 56×76 cm


How to masterfully convey in watercolor landscape painting a fantastic state of nature: awesome orange sunset and water storm simultaneously?

A cityscape or seascape can have multiple moods – anything from a gentle spring day to a violent summer tempest. Nature is redolent with emotional connotations that spring from our associations with weather and time of day. It all happens in the watercolor.

Weather is nature’s unpredictable gift to mankind. We never know what will come next despite the magic of meteorological science. Will there be rain, a stormy sky, a deluge of water, or heavy clouds?

In this distant vista of an unknown city, in this watercolor, we see and feel the sunset’s actual quality during a storm in bright oranges kissed by wisps of red in the background. It is almost a monochrome watercolor of sunset painting except for bits of blue and green here and there.

The limited palette for sunset landscape painting

How exciting is this limited palette due to the creamy texture of the wet-on-wet watercolour technique! An impressionistic view of nature captures a specific moment in time, never to come again.

The Impressionists of the last quarter of the 19th century loved working with a loose and free brush to symbolize fleeting nature at any time of day. Similarly, Nadezhda Bogomolova uses the classic genre for a spectacular sunset landscape painting.

Nadezhda Bogomolova relies on fine art paper from Arches in France. In this case, it is 56×76 cm, 100% cotton density of 300 lb. It is large enough to give full expression to the beauty of dusk. 

Nature speaks volumes

The medium of watercolor is ideal for landscapes near and far, in any season or setting. It is adept at capturing light and reflections, not to mention an atmospheric glow. There is nothing akin to its translucency and ability to take on any form or subject in other mediums.

Sunset is a moody time of day given the waning light that heralds the coming evening. The artist remarkably managed to depict a delightful and rare sunset over the city in her landscape painting.