Fishing harbour. Sunrise

“Fishing harbour. Sunrise”. Watercolour on paper 56×38 cm, 2019.

Early morning. Quiet fishing harbour. Boats sway on the waves of the sea.

The sun rises. Its bright light is reflected from the surface of the water, as from a mirror. The illuminated areas of the sea are so bright that they even blind the eye and have a slightly golden hue. In the shade, the sea is azure blue, the boats cast purple shadows. Dark boat hulls create the space of the picture, its depth.

The sky is lightly golden, pink, lavender clouds. The horizon is hazy crimson.

I managed to achieve this color brightness thanks to the shaded areas of the painting. The stones in the foreground serve as the gates to the picture. Dark brown, gray with a purple tint, they are a kind of section between night and day. Between the darkness from which we step into a completely different, bright world.

There is still a small nebula in the air, so the outlines of objects are not clear. The air seems to be filled with the rays of the rising sun. The rays softly cut the morning air, penetrate through the stones into the darkness.

The sun rises higher and higher. A new sunny day comes to replace the night.

The painting is painted in watercolours on paper 56×38 cm, 2019