Delicate rose-golden dawn

“Delicate rose-golden dawn. Early autumn”, watercolour on paper 56×38 cm, 2019

Delicate rose-golden dawn. Early autumn
The morning autumn sun is just waking up, slowly rising from the horizon. It gradually illuminates the hilly coast. At the foot, the shore is well-lit, almost white. Then it smoothly turns into pinkish, ochre, orange, greenish. And finally, the upper edge of the coast is almost untouched by the sun’s gentle morning rays.
The sky is light, delicately milky, slightly golden in color—clean, cloudless.

Below, a leisurely river flows, as if a mirror reflecting everything it meets on its way. Shakes slightly. The morning mist spreads by the water.
Such a beautiful sunrise means that the day will definitely be cheerful and sunny.

The original artwork was painted in watercolours on fine art paper 56×38 cm, in 2019. Sold.