Passion and tenderness. Red and white flower arrangement

Passion and tenderness. Red and white flower arrangement. Watercolor on fine art paper 56×76 cm. Sold

“Passion and tenderness. Red-and-white flower arrangement” is executed with watercolors in impressionism style. This picture is primarily about feelings. How so different flowers – red and white – can accompany each other. It seems to be the opposite; each has its own territory on the left and right. But how harmoniously they pass into each other, complement each other, and emphasize each other’s dignity!

Light, almost transparent, graceful white petunias, they twist like thin lace, intertwining with thin curly braids going down. White flowers are painted with a thin brush, with one touch on the shadow areas. The whiteness is achieved due to the fresh foliage, so skillfully framing fragile flowers.

Red flowers are dense, velvet, vibrant, and creamy. As if all the colors of the world were concentrated in these beautiful scarlet and ruby flowers. Warmer tones on lighted petals and darker on shaded areas.

The artwork’s focal point is almost in the center, with a slight shift to the right. This is the junction of two planes – red and white. This part of the picture is the clearest, most focused. Then the focus is gradually blurred.

While looking at this picture, each person will see what is closer to him/her at the current moment – Passion or tenderness. And what do You see?