Winter wonderland painting

watercolor winter landscape
inter wonderland painting. Watercolor on fine art paper 56×38 cm

Winter wonderland painting. Watercolor landscape.

In Winter wonderland painting, Nadezhda Bogomolova has given us a vision of winter in all its glory and icy beauty. The composition of the watercolor winter landscape is a rotating display of dark and light forms, illuminated by a cold sun. But the sky is not visible: it is assumed. The distant trees black it out, so they remain the principal subject.

We see nothing but trees and snow, isolated into the perfect image of a frosty winter wonderland. The snow is white and pristine; the trees are symbols of nature’s elegance. The scene is still, and the tone serene and quiet. No wind blows the remnants of snow off the branches. These firs still have needles, and they hold the white fluff with ease. But what is that behind them? A dark chasm or foreboding presence?

Mystery and magic of the watercolor winter landscape

The artist begs us to wonder what is there. Whatever it is, it draws our eye to plunge its mysterious depths. This presumed abyss is the central focus of the scene. As a winter wonderland painting, it masterly evokes a mood and an emotion. The composition is a parade of alternating lights and darks with accents of shadows and highlights. The translucency is beyond amazing, as is the deft description of forest and a small cabin. Who is lucky to live in this paradise?

Medium and materials

We always find the superior and high-quality Arches watercolor paper in Nadezhda Bogomolova’s masterpieces. Only the best 100% cotton paper will do. It is from France and remarkable for its preservation abilities, given that it is 300 gsm and cold-pressed. It is the choice of fine artists and conservationists alike. Connoisseurs know of its reliability and durability. It provides a smooth textural surface to ensure the absolute translucency of the watercolor technique.