Viburnum red berries. Winter stories

“Viburnum red berries. Winter stories” is an abstract winter artwork. On New Year’s Eve, my family and I went out of town to the country. Everything around was snow-white, wherever you looked. And the red berries of viburnum glowed with vibrant rubies in the frost. Bittersweet, tart, they poured juice and froze like precious beads. When I was a child, my parents and I skied in the forest; we got tired and became thirsty. And there was nothing tastier and sweeter than frozen viburnum berries powdered with white snow! And even now, many years later, I could not resist and tore off a bunch of viburnum and enjoyed its unique tart taste with great pleasure.

The volume and texture of flowers are perfectly conveyed by the artist. As in all her artworks, the artist masterfully uses watercolors’ technique. An elegant color palette, an excellent ability to show the play of light and shadow, and an extraordinary lightness of painting give real shine to her works.

“Winter stories” series of artworks.

SIZE: 76×56 cm, 30’x22’