Wild grapes. Golden autumn

wild grapes golden autumn
Wild grapes. Golden autumn. Watercolor on paper 76×56 cm

October is the equator of Autumn. The weather is surprisingly warm in October of this unusual year. The Autumn sorceress has just touched the birch and aspen with her magic wand, touched the oaks and chestnuts, covered the forests and fields with gold and crimson.

From the fence hangs the lashes of wild grapes, which, feeling the cold breath of Autumn, dressed in his best outfit. Like a precious Persian carpet covered with an outlandish autumn pattern – crimson, gold, ruby, bronze. As if embroidered with precious stones and gold, it sparkles with lights, each of which reflects a small autumn sun.

The grapes, dressed in a luxurious oriental red-and-gold dress, shine in the sun, enjoying the last warm days of the passing Autumn. Its whips and leaves, filled with the fertile earth’s juice and nourished by the rays of the blessed sun, flow downward under their weight. Crimson-ocher, plum, and in some places pinkish leaves twist like a necklace, silvery chains and threads of stems, strewn with sapphire berries, intertwine. The palette of colors is mesmerizing, which only the most daring and skillful artist can convey.

Otherwise, wild grapes are called maiden grapes, for its beauty and attractiveness. Its red leaves are like coral lips, black sapphire eyes. And the stems are the golden curls of the beauty. The girls came out of the gates, one more beautiful than the other at every house. People walk by admiring and rejoicing.

I painted wild grapes from nature in watercolors using the wet technique, which allows the color to flow smoothly into one another, creating gorgeous transitions. For this beautiful piece, one of my favorites, I have used a limited autumn color palette. This gave the painting richness, charm, and elegance.