Physalis – Chinese lanterns. Winter stories

“Physalis – Chinese lanterns. Winter stories ” is an abstract winter floral artwork. On New Year’s Eve and Christmas, my family and I went out of town to the country. It was getting dark, fluffy snow all around, silence. Something sparkles from under the snow beckons with its unusual brightness for winter. I bent down to a snowdrift and saw the physalis – festive Chinese lanterns – burn with a scarlet flame. Like New Year’s toys, sparkle and voluminous, lightly sprinkled with snow, they glittered with all the holiday lights!

The volume and texture of flowers are perfectly conveyed by the artist. As in all her artworks, the artist masterfully uses watercolors’ technique. An elegant color palette, an excellent ability to show the play of light and shadow, and an extraordinary lightness of painting give real shine to her works.

“Winter stories” series of artworks.

SIZE: 56х78 cm, 22’х30’