Tiger lilies painting. Watercolor flowers

Tiger lilies painting. Watercolor flowers
Tiger lilies. Watercolor flowers. Original watercolor painting on fine art paper 22×30 in

Tiger lilies painting

Orange tiger lilies in a floral bouquet are watercolor artist’s dream of flowers. This lilies painting reminds one of a meadow in which you had once frolicked — a close up of ephemeral nature.

And the Lillie’s of the field called out your sweet name.

 Oh, Tiger Lily.

Were it up to me, I would’ve died long ago,

 To have seen you in the heavens there.

 For surely, that is the only place such a flower can grow.”

 (AM Williams)

Material and medium

Many flowers have been captured with the watercolor brush. Here artist, Nadezhda Bogomolova, chooses to do a tiger lilies painting using the wet-on-wet technique both so difficult and so effortless in the right hands.

This orange flowers painting sits on fine art ARCHES paper, imported from France, noted for its durable properties and smooth texture. It is perfect for enhancing the breezy liquidity of the watercolour medium.

It is high-quality paper 100% cotton, 300 bl cold-pressed that perfectly suits the conservation of all types of artwork. A lilies watercolor is no exception. The intensity and brilliance of this gem will endure over time.

Orange cornucopia

This tiger lilies painting is a cornucopia of color, predominantly orange, white, and green. On the one hand, the fluid approach is complemented with more opaque highlighting and blue and gold patches. On the other hand, the color is transparent and translucent, the hallmarks of the medium.

Most any subject can be rendered in watercolor as it has distinct properties.

It is by no means a uniform blending of shades and tones. Textures are differentiated, and spatial considerations are apparent. The red and orange lilies jump off the page into the viewer’s space. You can almost touch and smell them. How delicate are the white flowers on each side that frame the central image!