Watercolor city painting. Yellow umbrellas

Watercolor city painting
yellow, brown, gold
yellow umbrellas
Original watercolor cityscape painting on 300 lb cold press  56×38 cm. Sold
Oneday, the rivival will return to the very heart of Moscow and everything will again be festive and noisy.

Yellow umbrellas at Red Square

Moscow, as a cityscape in watercolor, is a wonder of light and shade. No other medium captures the vibrancy of the city on a sunny afternoon. This watercolor city painting by Nadezhda Bogomolova is full of layered hues with the predominance of golds and browns. It is by no means color free as hints of other tones like ochre and yellow emerge for contrast.

Watercolor city painting

The mood is casual and happy as the local people relax at summer café tables under yellow umbrellas. Every element is distinctly rendered in shades of warm colors. Surrounded by buildings and towers edging the Red Square, the city center is the focal point of the town.

The artist lives in Moscow, surrounded by the dynamic life of its streets, buildings, houses, crowds, lights, and cars. Together they form the energy of a big city, so deftly portrayed in this watercolor city painting. She loves to paint scenes from her childhood or current life.

In so many ways, she conveys the power of the city, its heart, and the soul in watercolour.

Materials and medium

Ms. Bogomolova enjoys the ease, lightness, and transparency of watercolor from the first stroke of the brush to the very end of the artwork process. She says that watercolor is so unpredictable, especially how colors blend into each other. Miraculously, they take new shapes and appear different than initially planned.

However, she has mastered any subject, including watercolor city painting. The effects are endless and a delight to the eye. A lot is due to the medium’s spontaneous liquidity, but it is also a product of the smooth texture of the fine art paper. ARCHES paper from France is pure cotton, 300 bl cold press, and acid-free. It preserves the medium for a long duration.