Winter landscape painting. Frosty morning

winter watercolor painting
Winter landscape painting. Frosty morning

Winter landscape painting

Light as air, this winter landscape painting is as refreshing as it is delicate. Watercolors in graceful hues perfectly evoke a frosty morning in the country. A charming house in the distance casts a reflection on an icy foreground lake. The background trees barely move in the chilly wind. The bright snow is filled with shadows, mirroring the rosy sky. Everything is still and quiet, portending a coming storm.

The little house is the focal point first; it is darker than the surrounding forms and accented by adjacent trees, denoting a central composition. Everything else fades sublimely in the morning light.

Winter wonderland

While most people relish spring and summer, a winter landscape is enormously appealing. It conjures up a roaring fire, hot cider, and a fun time on a sled. Each season has its appeal. The watercolor style used by Nadezhda Bogomolova captures a moment in time in a winter wonderland as if it were before our very eyes.

The scene is ephemeral as anything could happen at any moment. But for now, the view is timeless, caught by an artistic eye. Soft yellow, grays, and light browns were chosen to articulate the serene image.

Materials and medium

This winter landscape painting evokes multiple emotions, a gift from a deft artist who knows the watercolor technique top to bottom. Only the best materials are used to ensure longevity and purity. Arches paper from France is the desired foil for the array of gentle shades. It is pure cotton, 300 gsm cold press paper with a smooth surface that allows the paint to glide with ease. The colors look recently applied since they are so fresh. It is all about spontaneity and fluidity, and in Nadezhda’s hands, the medium finds perfect expression.