Stormy sky painting. Summer landscape

thunderstorm painting
summer landscape
summer landscape painting
Purple stormy sky, light on green grass. Watercolor on paper 76×56 cm

Stormy sky painting. Summer

Something new and different we see every time from Nadezhda Bogomolova. Yes, it is a watercolor of nature, in fact, a summer landscape of purple and light green painting. It is a thunderstorm painting of an intense foreboding sky. Yet it is no ordinary stormy sky painting. Complimentary hues dominate an almost abstract rendition that seems still wet and fresh from the artist’s brush.

While the foreground rolls into the distance, the noise of thunder and the rumble of lightning can be heard as nature prepares for an onslaught of water. Water is used to describe the water stream and how spectacular it is! 

Summer storm

The concept of a storm is depicted rather than the fine details themselves. Alternating layers of dark and light space create a pure abstract rendition of nature in the throes of self-expression in the stormy sky painting. The sky seems to veer off into infinity; it is so deep like a funnel is forming to beckon the viewer into the storm.

Materials and medium

There is nothing quite as scary as a summer storm because it is so unexpected. Here it is deep in color and intense in emotion. This is a powerful painting of saturated purple and light green. The swath of light carries us through the center of the scene and back and up to reach the sky, the ultimate goal. Looking at the thunderstorm painting, you can barely discern the details of the trees and foliage as the technique is so liquid.  

The wet on the wet style of Bogomolova is unmistakably, and few have the dexterity to pull it off. It takes a gifted eye, a skillful hand, and the best materials for the medium. The artist uses the noted Archies fine art paper imported from France, prized for its preservative qualities and smooth surface; it takes the paint with the eyes and affords the brush’s smooth glide. Watercolorists around the world really enjoy the 300 gsm cold pressed paper.