Cityscape in watercolor. Spring rain has passed

cityscape in watercolor
town painting
spring city painting
Spring raing has just passed. Original watercolor cityscape on fine art paper 300 gcm, 38×56 cm 

This lovely cityscape in watercolor is after a warm rainfall. Another spring day has passed, despite the puddles as lingering evidence of mother nature’s drenching, crystal clean air reigns in the old town.

Everything has been refreshed – the church (or cathedral) in the background and the city lawns and foliage done in liquid green tones. It is a town painting yet a natural vista at the same time.

The leaves are a wonderful foil for the architecture. We see a contrast between soft and hard, warm, and cold. Clearly, the city is not devoid of nature. Life goes on amid a protective cover of green.

Materials and medium

For her cityscape in watercolor, the artist Nadezhda Bogomolova has chosen Arches 100% cotton 300 bl, cold press surface as the ideal accompaniment to her translucent colors. The preferred wet-on-wet technique is a masterful way to capture the ephemeral nature of a point in time in a particular place. The work looks newly painting with gentle traces of the artist’s brush.

Cityscape in watercolor

An old part of Moscow, cozy and romantic, is in full view, done in the free watercolor medium. The leaves have bloomed. The spring rain has just kissed the land. The puddles on the foreground path reflect the day’s cloudy sky. In the background, the church is lit by the spring sun. The town has woken after a winter dream.

Shadows cast on the walls denote afternoon. As the day is drawing to a close, there is still a lot of light left illuminating the corner of the city. It is picturesque and personal, a special rendition of reality, caught by transparent watercolor hues. All this masterfully reflected on the cityscape in watercolor.