Rose bush painting. Flowers in the rainy night

pink roses painting
pink flowers painting
painting of pink flowers
Rosehip flowers in twilight drops of rain. Watercolor on fine art paper 56×76 cm

Rose bush painting. Flowers in the rainy night

In this painting of full-bloom pink rosehips flowers, a floral bouquet is separated from its vase, going loose and free on a rainy night. It is a glory of fuchsia and pink amid intense greens fading into a mysterious dark background. What a wonder of a rose bush painting!

“It was getting dark. Rosehip flowers blazed with bright lights, reflected in the raindrops. Their petals, like moths, flutter in the darkness, performing an unknown and beautiful dance”. Clearly, the artist, Nadezhda Bogomolova, has a vision beyond the realm of a typical flower painting.

Pink roses painting wet on wet

The pink roses painting has never felt so damp and near; the forms are freshly washed by recent warm rain. Further, they soak up the liquid like a tonic to make them preserve their precious blooms. It is twilight, and the drops of rain will soon be gone. 

Such intensity enlivens this beautiful floral masterpiece – painting of pink flowers. The hot pinks and soft related hues melt into one another and ultimately in the composition. Similarly, it works as an abstract painting of the most striking and appealing colors.

Materials and medium

Certainly, a vertical paper format has been chosen by the artist to depict the growing strength of flowers in the height of their bloom. It is as grand a concept as it is simple. The roses look like they will last forever, and they just might give the use of pure cotton fine watercolor paper. Imported from France, this exceptional product is a preservative and smooth painting surface for the wet on wet watercolor technique. It affords complete translucency to the applied colors that will never lose their bloom, like in this rose bush painting, so to speak.