Lilies of the valley. Wildflowers

Lilies of the valley” is an abstract artwork about fragile spring flowers – lilies of the valley. In May, beautiful tiny bells bloom in the shady areas; their ringing iridescent voice “ding-ding-ding” is heard in the wind. Bells on delicate, graceful legs tilt their heads to the left and to the right, admiring the splendor of the dense emerald green foliage.
The artist splendidly depicted the variety of shades of green foliage in loose watercolors – from green golden, sap green, olive, emerald, and almost black in the shade indigo. Interestingly, the artist left the valley’s lilies white on white paper as if cutting them out of the foliage. White dots-stamens symbolize the delicate aroma of flowers and the ringing of bells.

The work is done in watercolor using a limited palette: shades of green, indigo, yellow and white paper

SIZE: 51×36 cm, 20’’x14″