Green valley landscape with a rainbow tree

green valley landscape
tree landscape
tree landscape painting
Watercolor painting on fine art paper 76×56 cm

Green valley landscape with a tree

Generous swaths of color fill this green valley landscape. The composition is strengthened first and foremost by a beautiful, large, branch-laden tree that fills the foreground. Blues and purples limn the trunk and spread upward and outward to end in the glory of a mottled green. The leaves are dense and rich, so indicative of spring and summer, perhaps the most appealing year in this locale.

Beyond the rolling verdant hills beckon a visit before the eye wanders to the great distance beyond and eventually a richly-hued sky. The tree landscape painting is a rainbow land of wonder in a peaceful bit of the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Nature rules

Nature reigns supreme in Nadezhda Bogomolova’s world. She has created a tree and green valley landscape painting like no other. The graceful stretches of blue and lilac that break up the scene is compositional genius. 

The shadows are by no means dark and insignificant. They populated the painting with ease, denoting a later time of day. And the sun is still out and the sky bright and cheery, a prism of hues that dazzle the eye. It is a glimpse of nature in a particular moment, captured by a keen eye and translated into liquid tones.

Materials and medium

The artist Bogomolova prefers the watercolor technique that is the hallmark of this fine art medium. The glowing translucent colors of this tree landscape jump off the French Arches paper’s surface, known to preserve the medium, guaranteeing no loss of intensity. It is 300 gsm cold pressed paper coveted by artists and collectors alike for its preservation abilities.

Purple, blue, and green create a dynamic and exciting palette – fresh and original in this valley landscape painting. How clever to imbue nature with such intensity!