Green leaf landscape. Ducks on the shallow

green landscape
evegreen landscape
green life landscape
Ducks on the shallow. Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo park. Watercolor on fine art paper 56×38 cm

Ducks on the shallow. Green leaf landscape.

Small, almost obliterated ducks swim on the shallow of this green leaf landscape. As swaths of color, they blend into the water surrounded by rich foliage. Everything is a watercolorist fantasy in this green life landscape. Nadezhda Bogomolova has a deft touch, and here it is uniform and consistent. Only a small patch of blue sky stands apart from the green landscape.

Maybe it is an evergreen landscape that will never lose its leaves. For now, however, we know it is not winter as the scene is full of green life. Verdant colors describe a familiar country scene, yet it is rendered unique, given the viewer’s perspective. It is not quite a bird’s eye view but does indicate a distance of several feet.

 The secret scene in nature

¬†You are a secret observer of nature’s wonders in this impressionist green leaf landscape. You begin with the trees in the right foreground and progress to a lighter midground where bright reflections denote a liquid expanse. Finally, the eye arrives at a thicket of trees and bushes that halt it there to roam no further.

Materials and medium for the evergreen landscape

The superb impressionist watercolor technique has been employed in the green landscape. We see its effortless surface coloration, loaded with crystalline forms that dissolve into the atmosphere. It is the only medium that affords such as translucency and freshness. It is challenging to master and has no peer.

The use of French pure cotton Arches paper guarantees longevity and color purity for a long time. It is 300 gsm cold pressed paper with a smooth surface makes it the ideal medium for this green leaf landscape. How easily does the artist’s brush glide across the pristine space to become the embodiment of nature extolling its green garb?