Flame tiger lily. Colours of the outgoing autumn

“Flame tiger lily. Flame of the outgoing autumn”

Fire of a home fireplace, hot tea, grandma’s bedtime fairy tales. The bright flame of a bonfire on a summer night and talk until dawn. This insanely cozy forgotten world of childhood which is in each of us. Internal energy, fire that feeds us all our lives.

The volume and texture are perfectly conveyed by the artist. As in all her artworks, the artist masterfully uses watercolors’ technique. An elegant limited color palette, an excellent ability to show the play of light and shadow, and an extraordinary lightness of painting give real shine to her works.

SIZE: 76×56 cm, 30’x22’
Technique: wet-on-wet watercolors on fine art paper
Paper: Fabriano Artistico 100% cotton 300 g/m2