Blue cornflowers bloom. Floral painting

“Blue cornflowers bloom” is a cheerful, lively, pleasing to the eye summer abstract composition of blooming wildflowers. Blue cornflowers fluffed up their thorny flowers. A warm summer wind swings their naughty heads from side to side as if painting everything around in ultramarine blue. The horizon shines with all the shades of summer – yellow, violet, blue, green. Looking at the picture, you feel summer: you hear the buzzing of bees, feel the slight fluttering of a moth and the fragrant smell of wildflowers.
SIZE: 36×51 cm, 14’’x20’’

Technique: wet-on-wet watercolors on fine art paper
Fine art paper: Arches fin 100% cotton, 300 g/m2
Colors: horizon blue, Naples yellow, sap green, cobalt blue, French ultramarine, Manganese blue hue, Terre verte, cobalt violet deep, quinacridone purple, rose madder
Colors quality: Daniel smith extra fine watercolors, Mijello Mission gold
Packaging: ships in a cardboard box, stable and safe

If you have any further questions about the artwork, if you want more photos, please do not hesitate to contact me.