Birch trees painting. Winter landscape

birch trees painting
winter landscape
Birch trees painting. Winter landscape. Watercolor on fine art paper 38×56 cm

Winter dreams

The birch trees painting before us is a winter dream, full of import and wonder. Are there animals hiding in the snow. Is someone about to come and spoil the pristine setting? But no footprints are denoting a human presence. The mood is timeless and still, characteristic of an untouched arboreal paradise.

The air is crisp and clear without fear of a whiteout to spoil the birch trees’ visibility. They dominate our vision with their slender elegance.

Birch trees painting. Winter landscape

Winter is full of surprises. It lends itself as a subject to so many interpretations. It can be cold and frosty or endlessly appealing, what with all the snow topping tree branches and a transparent icy sky. Nadezhda Bogomolova always finds the perfect setting for her superb wet on wet watercolor technique.

She knows how to evoke emotions with fluid slashes of liquid paint. Here majestic trees soar to the heavens. These dappled beauties dominate the country scene, making for a dramatic birch trees landscape. Nature, at its best, is the suggestion created. Everyone wishes they could view such a scene from their bedroom window.

Materials and medium for birch trees painting

Few artists have the dexterity of Nadezhda Bogomolova. Her skill is unsurpassed. She knows how to wash delicate colors across the superior Arches paper, imported from France. It is 100% cotton 300 gsm cold pressed paper with the perfect surface for this nimble medium. Artists can count on it for preservation purposes. It is high quality, durable, and reliable.

Almost abstract swaths of watercolor become a shadow here and a tree branch there. The sky is as fluid and translucent as the foreground. It is a complete and satisfying image of a moment in time in the countryside, described with picturesque accuracy.

Winter fairy tale

Birch trees painting is a winter fairy tale about a mysterious forest where the beauties of birch trees sleep deeply, wrapped in a fluffy snow blanket. They are waiting for the first ray of the spring sun to gently stroke their velvety skin. They are waiting for the early migratory birds to wake the birch trees with their sweet singing. And the birches will wake up, pull their thin arms to the sky, wash in the spring rain and adorn themselves in bright green sundresses and gold earrings. But while all this they only dream about.