Big birch and a little birch tree. Winter stories

“Big birch and a little birch tree. Winter stories” is an abstract minimalistic winter artwork about touching relationships of two trees. “And the two trees were standing looking at each other in the transparent frosty twilight”. It was starting to get dark and the air became blue and misty.
An adult birch-mother, as if tilted her head and looks at a young birch-daughter. They are both so different and very beautiful. The adult birch tree is stately, with textured bark, decorated with sapphires and emeralds. Her braids are curly, adorned with earrings at the ends. The young birch tree is thin, graceful. Its long slender twigs stretch high into the sky, becoming transparent in the evening fog. The trees love and support each other.

The volume and texture are perfectly conveyed by the artist. As in all her artworks, the artist masterfully uses watercolors’ technique. An elegant limited color palette, an excellent ability to show the play of light and shadow, and an extraordinary lightness of painting give real shine to her works.

“Winter stories” series of artworks

SIZE: 56×78 cm, 22’x30′